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Overwatch: New Cowboy name released, farewell Jesse McGree

Overwatch: New Cowboy name released, farewell Jesse McGree

When creatingOverwatch, The developers imagined a cowboy armed with a revolver, the most classic character for a shooting game They gave it a name Jesse McGree, With reference a Leading designer Of the same name At home Blizzard. The problem is, this man is at heart The business of defiling the studio, He was expelled And Blizzard Decided Change the name of the cowboy.

Obviously, this does not solve internal problems, but the developers are directly or indirectly affected by Jesse McGray’s woes. And The studio today releases the character’s new name: Cole Cassidy. A popular first name and a reference to the famous Butch Cassidy, Wild West Spirit is well preserved, it is now necessary to call the gunman by this name, developers share A short story of intuition, to justify it Myth This new identity when echoing internal changes Blizzard :

The first thing a soldier loses is his name, which left him a long time ago.

Escape from his past signifies running away from himself, and each year the gap between what he was and what he became widened. But in every cowboy’s life it’s time for them to stop and take a stand.

To make this new overwatch better – to get it right – he has to be honest with himself and his team. Cowboy He rode in the setting sun, facing the world at Cole Cassidy dawn.

Cole Cassidy Should be entitled to a new story curve in the coming months and It will be unveiled at Overwatch with an update on October 26th. This only applies to his identity Sports And le DesignYou have to wait until it startsOverwatch 2. You can find a statue Cole Cassidy To .8 at 20.86 Amazon.

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