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We tested the Genius CV for you, here is our opinion

We tested the Genius CV for you, here is our opinion

Looking for work today has become very difficult. Vacancies are very low and this is felt every year with a sharp increase in unemployment in France.

Because of this, when we apply, we often face stiff competition. Sometimes a hundred people applied under the same ad as us.

Therefore, it is necessary to stand alone if we are to achieve our goal. For that, there are no courses or the most basic cover letters that can be done in Flash in Word or OpenOffice. We need something more designed and customized. There are many sites that offer easy resume making tools. Among them the Genius CV is becoming popular. So we tested it and chose for you what we thought about it. Let’s go!

What is a Genius CV?

If you are new to Genius CV, be aware that this is a site for creating customized CVs, cover letters and portfolios. Is at their disposal Thousands of design models And there is something for everyone. But that’s not all! They also have a section dedicated to job opportunities. Thus, you can create your CV on the same platform and apply to recruiters.

How does it work?

It’s very easy, just link to their website and build your CV in a few clicks. To fully enjoy all the features, you need to register and access your dashboard to facilitate your job searching procedures.

CV Creation in Genius CV: We Appreciated

From what we have seen, the Genius CV has many strengths. In them we mentioned:

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  • Simplicity and ergonomics of the interface: The first thing you need to do is choose a model from a wide range of options. It will then have a page on the right with a live preview of your CV. You can change the texts and graphics or add more if needed.
  • Fit of pre-installed types: You do not have to think for half a day or search the internet to know what to put on your CV. All genres already exist and are sorted in a specific order. All you have to do is write the content. To give you an example, you have the sections “Contact Details” followed by “Experience”, “Training”, “Skills”, “Languages” and finally “Leisure”. We cannot make the fatal mistake of inserting Professional mistakes Directly to our CV.
  • Possibility to create multiple documents and save them: To avoid submitting a single CV for each job, we can easily save all our works and select the one we need according to the offers we respond to.
  • Possibility to download CVs to our computer: If we do not always want to go through Genius to respond to job offers, we can download the documents in PDF format on our computer to use them on any other site.

What we really wanted

On the other hand, there are things we liked less when we wanted to create our CV on this site. Especially the very large size selection. This may seem paradoxical because it usually appears to be an asset … but the truth is, when there are too many choices (and more standard ones!) We quickly sink in and we don’t know what to choose! Suddenly, it takes more time to choose the “right design” and we pay less attention when filling it out. Also, we would have liked models characterized by business. For example, the arts or web industries do not have the same graphic requirements because the industries require multiple methods such as management, health, medicine, accounting.

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To complete our experience …

Genius CV is an interesting site for online CV development. Despite the fee being charged, the prices are quite reasonable compared to the benefit that can be derived from it, especially since there is a monthly offer of less than one euro. These features can be a reason to get to work quickly and it is invaluable!

In addition, this site is still in maintenance and we regret not being able to test the “Cover Letter” option. We hope you have more tips for a successful CV through dedicated blog posts.

Finally, we think the possibility of incorporating a portfolio into your CV is actually a game converter. In which, Genius CV did a lot!