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Our last 2, Ellie de Molcenna's Cosplay GOTY -

Our last 2, Ellie de Molcenna’s Cosplay GOTY –

Our last 2 Often not explored by cosplayers because it does not exactly follow the standardized patterns in which the characters are to be interpreted, but Ellie Cosplay From Molcenna This is very interesting.

Cosplayer has tried his hand at the protagonist of the game many times and what makes his Cosplay unique is that it is based on The Lost of S Part 2, in many cases the protagonists of the first episode can be traced. So we see an Ellie Old and Adult But is very determined to fight.

Apart from the precise reproduction of the costume, the uniqueness of the Russian Cosplayer is the fact that he often seeks a good reconstruction. Settings, As we shall see in this case, for the photoshoot he has carefully selected a scene reminiscent of the apocalyptic systems of the naughty dog ​​game.

We already saw Molcenna with the best Judy Gospel of Cyberbank 2077, and we had excellent illustration skills even in that regard. As for the other recently released gossip, we remember that the female gogu was signed by Miu_Maya and Asuka Shiroken-Sama.

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