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How to watch Jean Costex's conference tonight from his smartphone or PC

How to watch Jean Costex’s conference tonight from his smartphone or PC

Government press conferences have become a weekly habit. This Thursday, January 14 at 6 p.m.. Minister of Higher Education and Labor Elizabeth Bourne will discuss the evolution of the Govt 19 epidemic and the vaccine campaign (and if you are interested in this material, do not hesitate to read our guide to find out all about the vaccine campaign).

Tonight the conference will be broadcast as usual, including 24-hour news channels. However, if you do not have access to a TV set, you can follow it directly over the Internet via your smartphone or your computer. Here’s how to do it.

How to follow the conference online

With so many options available to you, the easiest way to use YouTube is in our opinion. To do this, you need to start the player below:

Another very practical solution is to go to the conference at will, so sharp at 6 pm: Molotov TV. This service allows you to access free TNT channels from any device. You can download Windows, Mac, iOS or Android version by following the link below: is a platform for watching French TV channels live or streaming. Free for its basic offer, it also offers subscriptions with more channels and better quality.

  • Downloads: 13
  • Release Date: 07/12/2020
  • Author: Molotov
  • License: Free license
  • Categories:
    Multimedia – Video
  • Operating System: Android – Linux – Windows 32 bits – XP / Vista / 7/8/10 – Windows 64 bits – XP / Vista / 7/8/10 – iOS iPhone / iPod – MacOS
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You can also use social networking sites as the conference will be broadcast on the Prime Minister’s Facebook account and his Twitter account.

  • Access the account Facebook Presented by Jean Costex
  • Access the account Twitter Presented by Jean Costex

Otherwise, be aware that non-stop news channels such as France Information, LCI, CNUS or PFM TV are freely accessible on the Internet:

Tito will also release special editions for other DNT channels, TF1 and France 2, starting at 5.30pm:

New restrictions are expected

The government is expected to release new measures against the spread of the virus, especially its British and South African varieties, which are already in the area. Among the possible new expected measures is a curfew order extended to the entire country by 6pm, or even a return to prison over the weekend (although this route seems to have been ruled out by recent rumors).

New border controls may also be introduced. On the academic side, Jean-Michel Blanker should announce that schools will remain open. The government has already stated that the country’s general restrictions have not been considered at this stage, but the executive has not ruled out supporting this solution in the future if the health situation requires it.

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