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Jeff Group - Nert 4. Life Announces Microsoft Conference Date on E3 2021

Our games should not be a live service, we will never tell studios what to do –

In a recent interview, he was the head of Microsoft’s first-party studios Matt locked He talked about his philosophy of managing the increasingly wealthy Microsoft studio. It’s a philosophy that tries to leave maximum freedom to the creators, the team to that extent Xbox Its first party games did not pretend to be gods Direct service Or something like that. This is because Microsoft never tells its studios what to do, at least not to interfere with their creative ability.

This is a choice Diversity and personality In many studios and creators under his hat. Just because the live service model is perfect for a Sea of ​​Thieves or Hollow Infinite Multiplayer does not mean that it can be used for experiences like Tim Schaefer’s games or The Outer World 2 or the upcoming The Elder Scrolls.

“We do not have any guidelines or rules that say we must continue to support and continue to develop every game. Tim Schaefer Go and do it. If he knew the history of the games he was making, I don’t think he would do a game with the seasons or for 5 years, ”said Matt Booty.

Matt locked

“Sea of ​​Thieves is a game that lives on over time and Hallow’s multiplayer will initially be based on the seasons, but our Montreal studio Compulsion Games is not told to create one separated by 6dlc or seasons. Something like that. Tell us why it’s an important story to share. , But we did not force them to figure out how to create seasons for that particular game. “

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