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Finney (CIA Emilia Romagna): "The chain needs to download the adrenaline"

Finney (CIA Emilia Romagna): “The chain needs to download the adrenaline”

“The Lost A Box That’s how it is Danger The risks of forgetting a supply chain triggered by millions of euros are the first to be felt by agricultural producers. Need an adrenaline rush The Regional Councilor for Agriculture has been instrumental in bringing the entire supply chain in the right direction. Alessio MommyBy emphasizing the agricultural sector, we can get out of this critical stage as soon as possible. ”

This is the head of Emia Romagna’s Sia Italian Farmers, Cristiano Finney (pictured), He appreciates the tone and content of the requests made by Mummy Al Mifaf, the projects shared by the Agricultural Associations with the Regional Council of Agriculture. “Now we are waiting for Minister Pathanelli’s conclusive answers – underlining Finney – that after growing field proposals in favor of the region, the fruit is growing, with many adverse factors starting from the adverse weather and parasites over the years. It will be placed in the credit center – including Finney – which is important for businesses, in addition to the multi – year plans for the resumption of the sector, as well as the demand for resources provided by the Sostechni Biz Order, Act 102 and the Stability Act. ”

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