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Orange Business Live: High Speed ​​Internet Connection Strategies at the center of the 5th edition

Orange Business Live: High Speed ​​Internet Connection Strategies at the center of the 5th edition

Vision of different team members. (Photo: Saura Pinto)

The5e The live edition of Orange Business was an opportunity for team members to discuss the importance of connectivity strategies and various African initiatives to implement high-speed Internet. This is July 15, 2021, at the headquarters of the Orange Digital Center in the Abidjan-Plateau. Habib Pamba, director of digital and media transformation, pointed out that unlike previous years, downloading a file today is easy. “Digital adoption is growing in Africa. In the 90s, you had to wait 3 minutes to download 1GB of video. Today, it only takes 16 seconds to download a large capacity file, ”he said.

On the issue of broadband Internet in terms of good governance, Anne-Rachel Inne, Managing Director of US (ARIN) Government and Political Affairs, outlined different broadband connectivity strategies in different regimes. “We can connect universities so that our students can finally benefit from connectivity and distance learning,” he says.

According to Ali Trisha Bedial, Representative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in the West Africa Region, she spoke on various connectivity methods, the digital economy and ITU initiatives at the African level. As well as the importance of optical fiber in their various projects. Other countries benefit from the same benefits that orange fiber provides when providing solutions to various unresolved issues. It aims to make effective use of frequency units to build networks and services that touch areas such as the Internet, through the BRIDA project.

Note that this is the theme of 5e Orange Business Live Edition: “Social and Economic Impact of Broadband Internet”.

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Saura Pinto (Intern)