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Open iPhone with Apple Watch (Instructions)

Open iPhone with Apple Watch (Instructions)

Thanks to the Apple Watch, face recognition with a mask is now possible. Photo: blackzheep /

There is iOS 14.5 and with it comes a function to unlock the iPhone via Face ID – despite the mask. We will show you how to set up facial recognition.

Enable “Unlock with Apple Watch”

  • Open your iPhone settings.
  • “Tap”Face ID & code“Also enter your password.
  • Scroll down to the point “Open with Apple Watch“And activate the function next to the name of your Apple Watch.

How To Unlock iPhone With Your Apple Watch

To open the iPhone with the mask, your Apple Watch should be on your wrist and open. Now you need to wake your iPhone from sleep or tap the display. If you want to open it with Face ID, you can check the device as usual. The Apple Watch gives a signal when the opening is successfully completed. Now you can use the iPhone by swiping from the bottom edge.

What are the requirements?

Unfortunately the opening with the mask will only open if certain technical requirements are met. So you need something IPhone X or newerFace ID user and iOS 14.5 Has been changed. Must be from Apple Watch Series 3 Or stay fresh watchOS 7.4 Installed. Additionally, you need to connect devices and enable WLAN and Bluetooth in each case. The Apple Watch must also have a code and enable wrist recognition.

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Are password protected applications also open?

No, although this functionality is used for authentication and authentication, it does not run applications that are particularly relevant to data security, such as Apple Pay or password-protected applications. To do this, you still need to enter the personal code.

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