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Online Video Player: How Does It Work?  : Current Female MAG

Online Video Player: How Does It Work? : Current Female MAG

Do you have a computer and want to use it to watch the video you downloaded via DVD, Blu-ray or Instagram? In this case, you will definitely need an external video player or online video player. We tell you everything.

What is an online video player?

Online video player is a program Allows you to view pictures and videos Use it on your laptop. Your device may have a built-in video player but when it does not, you need to buy or download one to play your CDs and other DVDs without any problems. For example, it may be necessary to watch videos downloaded from Dictoc.

Which online video players can I use on my computer?

Of all the existing video players, some are favored due to their quality and accessibility. Here is a selection of our video players to download for free on your computer.

VLC is a video player that has it all: free, easy to access and compatible with many video formats, so if you are hesitant to get started you should choose the video player. It is available on both Windows and Mac.

This video player is usually configured on Windows systems. Otherwise, you can download it from your Playstore. It is very easy to use, free and compatible with various video formats.

Flex Media Player is a video player, not just a video player. In fact, it allows you to access the internal library of videos. The interface is very accessible and easy to use on both Windows and Mac. Flex Media Player is free when you sign up for an account, but you can still pay for many features.

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There are other video players like Cody, 5K player or GoM player. Not all have the same features But, most of the time, it is available on different sites and allows you to play videos of different formats such as videos uploaded on Twitter.

External Video Player: What is it?

Not all computers have a built-in CD / DVD drive. This is a problem when you want to view this media from your computer. To fix this problem you need to get an external video player – Compatible with your computer – capable of playing any video formats you watch. Most external video players also act as a burner. This option allows you to place MP3 or MP4 files on a blank disk.

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