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One of the October free games is said to be leaked and it is the best

One of the October free games is said to be leaked and it is the best

Every month, Sony offers many games to its PlayStation Plus subscribers, A paid service to play online and take advantage of various features. To retain them, the Japanese company puts its hand in the wallet to free up many titles. Leaked games like the September games. While October is still a long way off, one of the games offered may have leaked.

Leak for one of the PS and October games?

September saw the arrival of the Games Too much cooked! Everything you can eat, Hitman 2 And Hunter: Hunting ground Free in player libraries. Headlines leaked a few times before being formalized by the PlayStation. Regular leaks to give us ahead of time for the next free games on the PlayStation Plus. At first glance, October seems to be no different from previous months. For good reason, rarely launched, it seems to have given us one of the free games of October that was announced to us in September.

Last week, the arrival of a title was expected for a while, with its release date already leaked. Fans of Remedy Entertainment’s works should have the opportunity to discover a redesigned version of it.Alan Wake, Relaxed title Alan Wake Remaster. If we believe the leak, a game that will be released on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles on October 5th. This is the first game Alan Wake Will be released on the PlayStation console. A new leak that only supports this discharge has already been viewed through previous leaks and information shared by various people.

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But the uniqueness of this release lies specifically in its date. For good reason, it was nothing more than the first Thursday of October 5th. While the average person may not pay much attention to such information, it is to this date that PlayStation usually offers PlayStation Plus’ monthly free games. In addition, Sony has announced its intention to offer newly released games for free through the PlayStation Plus this year. Single World: Hurricane Where The destruction of the Allstars And PS5 version A Blake Story: Innocence.

So this is possible in the free games for the month of October PlayStation Plus, We see the redesigned versionAlan Wake. Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet. Officially, the game doesn’t even exist. Nonetheless, several events are scheduled to take place this month, with the game to be announced in the coming weeks. But to be sure, we still have to be patient.