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Nintendo blows its lawyers against amateur guides of its hand charts -

Nintendo blows its lawyers against amateur guides of its hand charts –

Philip Summers, editor Unofficial guides Of old games Nintendo, Completely hand-drawn, he was attacked by pessimism and was forced to remove the kickstarter of his project Lawyers Japanese company. The person knew he was taking the risk of asking for money to produce his books, but he was so eager he wanted to try anyway. By the end of the campaign, he had raised $ 300,000.


This project is very interesting: three guides Hand drawn, They are like the comics of the classic games: The Metro, The Legend of Zelda, Contra X Ninja Cayton and an artwork book. You can see the work behind it Page Kickstarter Inactive campaign.

Of course, it’s easy to say that Nintendo has every reason to protect its own Intellectual property, Sends his lawyers. After all, they are his and he can do with them whatever he wants. A bit masochistic who constantly proposes amateur projects linked to Mario’s home brands, there is always a bitter taste in the mouth to see that you have never seen the meeting point with his fans. Well what happens to them), but immediately go to the heavier side. For example, in this case, he may simply ask for a piece of the sale and leave the project alive because we are talking Celebration books Games forty years ago.

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