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Oblivion lawsuit against Nintendo site Rome

Oblivion lawsuit against Nintendo site Rome

In 2019, we wrote about Nintendo’s efforts to shut down the Rome Universe, which provided premium access to plagiarized copies of Nintendo games and sold them. The case is now closed, the site is gone, and Nintendo is seeking $ 2.1 million ($ 3 million) in damages.

For example Torrent Freak Relationship, Matthew Stroman of the Rome Universe actually decided to try to fight Nintendo in court, and what, to do without a lawyer. His defense for Storman – based on “the objection he uploaded the files to that site” – was quickly taken up by Nintendo’s current lawyers, who were able to cite his testimony to testify where he agreed. .. Upload ROM files to his site.

As the Rome Universe 2019 appeared, Nintendo not only hosts ROMs, but also offers pirated movies and books. (Screenshot: Kottaku)

For each of the 49 games found on the Internet, Nintendo initially demanded 000 90,000 (, 4 115,434) in compensation, but the judge awarded 000 35,000 (, 8 44,891) each, saying Storman had already closed the site and was currently unemployed. This number is sufficient. The Nintendo brand received 000 400,000 ($ 513,040) in legal damages.

It is important to note here that Storman not only hosted pirated copies of Nintendo games, but also sold premium access to ROMs worth $ 30 for quick access. In the last year of operation. The Rome Universe claims that Stroman earned between $ 30,000 and $ 36,000 ($ 46,174) in these payments.