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Nintendo, Switch Pro's announcement is rumored to come on June 3rd

Nintendo, Switch Pro’s announcement is rumored to come on June 3rd

Among the themes that come around all’E3, That a New model of Nintendo Switch The course is one of the most common: and, step by step Indications provided by such valuable sources Bloomberg, The presentation must fall before June 12, the date that marks the start of the Los Angeles Digital Event, all digital this year.

If this really happens, the days available will start running short: a live rumor has already spread last week. We know things went differently and Switch Pro (or the new Nintendo Switch or any other name) is not showing up yet. However, it is difficult to question that it is hard to come by, and it is plausible that everything will happen soon: this is the first, fastest time since last week Origin in Amazon Mexico, Although only in the form of a placeholder page. But when, exactly?

To Nick Baker, Mostly Nick On Twitter, co-founder of the Xbox Era site and generally active at the forefront of Microsoft, he has shown himself to be trustworthy in the past, June 3 is the date Nintendo chose to remove the veil on the new switch. This Thursday, that’s right.

However, good Nick, as far as the opportunity he learns is concerned, the presentation has already been postponed in the past, and indicates that this may happen again. In short, this is a blindfold that must be taken with all necessary precautionary measures: however it may go, we will soon know the truth.

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However, with the Switch Pro logo, there’s already a lot of information: a 7-inch OLED screen, a new Nvidia chip with DLSS support, and a Microsoft surface-style kickstand. Tonight, starting at 21:40, we will talk about this in our perspective on the hottest news in the gaming world, live on HDBlog’s Twitch channel. The look of the new Metroid At Walmart’s Candice site To the center of the PlayStation 4.