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WindTre NVAR

NVAR, 20 January 2022 Here’s a command for WindTre customers who do not want an increase – | Phone | Discounts

Some WINDTRE customers are involved in the unilateral changes introduced from 20 January 2022, They may also request the maintenance of the costs and content of their initial offer By sending SMS with NVAR For 40400, within 30 days of contact.

By doing so, the Orange operator will be able to provide some of its customers. “Reject“Tariff restructuring was used.

Take advantage of this opportunity Send SMS to 40400, Within 30 days of the announcement of the changes. The message in question should have the text “”.NVAR“.

A few minutes after the aforementioned SMS is sent, the customer will receive a reply message informing them that his request has been accepted.

Is here SMS reply text WindTre: “The request to retain your current offer has been accepted“.

Thanks to Cynthia for the photo

It is fair to say that Only SMS recipients with communication to send NVAR can maintain the costs and content of their offer. In any case, the general terms of the contract become the same.

Those who do not receive the message can check it through the dedicated page on the official website of the operator (Here is the direct link) If involved, by entering his / her mobile number e An OTP code (Once password) Sent by director.

Information sent to concerned customers SMS contains a link to a page on the official WindTre website, from which details of changes sent to the customer can be found.

If the customer does not receive the SMS and there is no change contact in this dedicated area, it means that the customer is not involved in this redesign (Editor’s note, sending is useless. NVAR)

If there is an error message, it is recommended to try again in the next few days to see if the customer is involved.

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Service Vs.

WindTre redesign from 20 January 2022

In fact, we remember Already described in detail by MondoMobileWebReceive information about some WINDTRE customers from 6 December 2021 Important innovations introduced in their tariff offer.

News concern Contract changes That will come The information was communicated to the interested parties via SMS, Has an access link to a dedicated web page, with all the details applicable to the specific offer active on the mobile line.

One follows Summary of the different types of variations, Launched January 20, 2022.

Changes to customers with prepaid mobile offer: The General Terms and Conditions of the Agreement for WINDTRE Services have been amended for customers who have validated the offer until December 6, 2021. In particular, Articles 6.1.5 and 6.1.7 related changes are approved for use of the Service on devices or terminals. It is no different from a mobile phone or smartphone.

Variations on some offers that only include voice or voice traffic and SMS: From January 20, 2022 The monthly cost will increase Variable according to the characteristics of the initial offer and, Includes minutes, Already in an unexpected place, They become unlimited December 20, 2021 onwards.

Customers affected by the change can, too Enable the option of giving away 50kg per month for free, Minimum 6 months and maximum 12 monthsFollow the instructions provided in the communications within 30 days.

Variations on some offers that include data traffic: For affected customers, payment options will be affected a Increase in available Giga content, Minimum 20 Giga to Unlimited Ziga, In addition to one Increased monthly cost, Which will vary according to the characteristics of the initial offer.

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The benefits of the additional Zika will be available gradually from 20 December 2021, while the monthly cost will be adjusted from the renewal after 19 January 2022.

Some of the benefits that benefit from Unlimited Giga include: Browsing speeds up to 10 Mbps are allowed. Also, if you pay by credit card or current account to some WindTre customers, the associated offer will be prepaid.

If WindTre customers do not accept the above changes, Article 70 paragraph 4 of the Electronic Communications Code is required They can exercise the right of withdrawal or switch to another operator, Without penalty or dismissal costs, Within 60 days From SMS Contact.

Compared to the past The customer is entitled to 60 days instead of 30 days. Thanks to the new European code for electronic communications.

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