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Now you can see the twist on your Nintendo Switch

Now you can see the twist on your Nintendo Switch

Without warning, the Twitch app landed on the Nintendo eShop, turning Nintendo’s hybrid console into a little more multimedia device.

You can watch your favorite streamer from you Nintendo Switch. A Twitch app has now landed on the Nintendo eShop, which you can already download.

Visiting a streaming site may surprise some. In fact, when it introduced its switch, Nintendo repeated it several times The console does not host YouTube or Netflix. ⁇ When we introduced the switch, we were very clear: we wanted to establish the device as a gaming device. ” Reggie Fils-Aimé, then President of Nintendo USA, shouted.

YouTube emulator

However, he did not close the door completely, indicating that he was“It simply came to our notice then. But these opportunities will come in due course. “

We know the rest: YouTube eventually made its way On the Nintendo console, Netflix has not yet put its flag there. On the other hand, Amazon’s video broadcasting platform has achieved this, moving the console a little further away from its strict position as a device dedicated solely to gaming.

An opening to the game world

The Twitch application page underscores this by inviting first-time downloaders to watch (yes!) Games or talk shows, rather than the last streamers playing Mario Party.

The game world is here. Check out your favorite sports: basketball, baseball, football, American football, swimming, wrestling, hockey, billiards, and more through talk shows, league channels, virtual teams, and sports.

Of course, the Twitch app is free and already available.

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