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Now Netflix will download the content for you

Now Netflix will download the content for you

Netflix Like good wine, it will slowly improve over time. The streaming agent has actually gotten into the habit of routinely ordering new functions. The latest is to entertain people. Or not.

You may know this if you have been using the service for a while, but Netflix has a full referral engine.

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Very useful, these popular suggestions allow the user to find new pictures, new documentaries, new series or new cartoons that will please him.

Netflix wants to make your life easier

Yes, Netflix decided to go one step further by downloading the content … automatically and without asking your opinion.

This new function takes the form of an option, which we can enable or disable as we wish. When active, Netflix automatically identifies content that interests us, based primarily on our browsing history.

This content, the service will not send it to us in a special banner. In fact, the function goes further. If you enable the option, this content will be automatically downloaded to the devices you use. You can access them without being connected to the internet or at least using your mobile network.

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Well thought out automatic download function

You might expect, but Netflix takes the lead in avoiding potential clutter issues. When you enable the function for the first time, you can manually define the amount of storage you want to allocate for these downloads, with no less than three choices: 1GB, 3GB or 5GB.

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Also, as important as it is, downloads do not interfere and only happen when your phone is connected to a WiFi network. In the specific case of the series, only the first episodes will be downloaded.

If we believe that Netflix, this automatic download function will not be limited to the contents of the service, thus extending it to its full list, although some restrictions may arise on some media.

Finally, keep in mind that this functionality is still being tested on Android, which will not be available on iOS until the end of the year.