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From old to new: Huawei launches new transfer plan for smartphones

Make the old new: Huawei introduces new smartphone transfer plan

Hawaii has launched a new business plan for smartphones in Germany. Tech-cycling, along with experts in the field of tag-pack concept, was it A new website Launched in Hawaii Online Store.

When buying a new Huawei smartphone, customers get a discount of up to யூ 540 when they exchange their old device, and an extra Euro 350 as a transfer bonus – so you can save up to 8 890. Particularly practical: the old smartphone you trade does not have to be from Hawaii – devices from select iPhones and iPods, Samsung Galaxy cell phones or other manufacturers are possible.

Hawaii promises to recycle customers’ old cell phones in the interests of environmental protection.

Trade on your old cell phone: This is how the new Hawaii promotion works

When buying a new Huawei smartphone, customers can save a lot of money when handing over the old device.

Image: CIP

In order to receive a fee or discount for an old device, you must On the advertising page First you need to select the desired new Hawaii phone. On the next screen, click “Yes” under “Trade-In”. Choose the cell phone you want to trade.

Need to answer some questions about the status of the device, based on which Huawei will then submit an offer to the customer. Then enter the IMEI number – how to find out We explain it to you here.

The online order can now be completed, after which the customer sends his old cell phone to the Hawaiian company and then receives a cashback on the purchase of a new Hawaii smartphone after the final valuation of the remaining value. Hawaii says the delivery of the new cell phone will take place in the next one to three working days and it will be free.

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