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Note the leak of the RTX 4000 Ada Lovelace

Note the leak of the RTX 4000 Ada Lovelace

of leaks Performance of the next NVIDIA graphics cards have appeared in recent days, but we have to take a big tweezer about the sources that shared them.

Scores in games for TimeSpy and Lovelace?

Let’s start with the well-known @kopite7Kimi who, in his last years, kept us well informed about the new NVIDIA cards (especially the Ampere generation). He shared that the RTX 4090 scores over 19000 points On top of that Criterion Time Spy Extreme scores 66% higher than the current RTX 3090 Ti.

Although it is a leakage, Compared to new rumors that surfaced a day later by someone named @XpeaGPU on Twitter, the author is a reliable source, but is also known on the Anandtech forum for spreading many false rumors about older NVIDIA cards.

With ray tracing and DLSS enabled, the full AD102 chip can hit over 160 FPS at 4K resolution on Ultra, this guy revealed. Through this programs reach a double 3090.

this ” leak “ It was quickly picked up by many sites and made the rounds. But as mentioned before, this guy usually comes off as stupid, claiming to have more reliable sources than kopite7kimi.

Nvidia fake leak Nvidia fake leak

The same person (xpea) claimed his last leaks 2 years ago Nvidia Ampere happened game Based on 7 nm fabrication from TSMC, but they will also use Samsung. When everything is proclaiming loud and clear, that kopite7Kimi, a monitoring Almost perfect in the ampere range, wrong.

So always be alert leaks As usual, take this with a grain of salt and look for the source of his information. We are not specifically targeting this person, but we recommend that you be careful with everyone who is famous leaks Out of nowhere, there is already a dubious past.