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How to Legally Download Windows 11 ISO 64-bit from Microsoft (Insider)

How to Legally Download Windows 11 ISO 64-bit from Microsoft (Insider)

Want to legally download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft (Windows 11 Insider Preview ISO)? In this article, we’ll show you how Download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit from Microsoft.

Windows is the most widely used and popular operating system on the planet. It is easy to use and includes a wide range of programs. We don’t need to tell you that Microsoft has already released Windows 11 after Windows 10.

What you will learn in this guide:


Win 11 Insider ISO Image Preview

The first official Windows 11 ISO file has been released by Microsoft. That said, if you want to test a new installation, perhaps on that old laptop, it’s time to download and configure a new USB stick for this purpose.

To get Windows 11 now, you still need to be a dedicated Windows Insider. You don’t have to be very assertive; In fact, you can sign up today for free, get the ISO, install it, and have Microsoft make no comment.

You should also ensure that the system you intend to install the Windows 11 ISO on is capable of running the new operating system. The system requirements for Windows 11 were a big point of discussion before the release of Microsoft’s next operating system, especially regarding Microsoft’s need for TPM 2.0 support for your PC to increase security.

However, since the ISO file is not the most recent version of Windows 11, accessing the version that Microsoft has just released will require a minor upgrade. The ISO is for Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000.132, build 22000.160 is the latest update.

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Download Windows 11 64-bit ISO ((Customer Insider Insight)

On its official Insider Preview page, Microsoft released the Windows 11 Dev and Beta ISO files. As a result, unlike in the past, the user does not need to use other techniques like UUP dump to get a virtual machine or an ISO to install on the computer.

Here are the steps to officially download Windows ISO 64 Bit (Dev & Beta) from Microsoft:

Step 1. Go to Microsoft Windows Insider Preview Downloads page.

Step 2. Click on That link option in the upper right corner.

to login

Step 3. Enter your Microsoft account And click next. On the next screen, enter and select a password to login.

Step 4. Once signed in, scroll down to Windows Preview and then scroll to the end. Click on it Scrolling menu Next menu Select the version And choose your favorite Windows 11 ISO (Dev or Beta). to build 22000.132 The last one is.

Step 5. Click on to confirm.

Step 6. Select Product language and select to confirm.

Download Windows 11 ISO 3

Product language

Step 7. Finally, click 64 bit download button.

How to Legally Download Microsoft's Windows 11 64-bit ISO (Insider)

Download Windows 11 ISO

Overview of Windows 11

Windows 11’s new Start menu and user interface remain the same as they are now Windows 10 X. Microsoft had been working on making Windows more friendly for dual-screen computers before abandoning the project in favor of Windows 11. Program icons have been centralized here, the status bar area has been tidied up, and a new Start button and menu have been added.

This is new Start menu This is the simplified version found in Windows 10, but it lacks Live Tiles. Pinnable apps to recently used files and the ability to quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices are all included.

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Windows 11 features:

  • New start menu, taskbar and search

  • New animations

  • A new way to multitask with Windows

  • Improved touch controls

  • Fresh new sounds

  • dark mode

  • Blunted corners

  • Updated Action Center

  • New symbols

  • New ways to manage virtual desktops

  • Widgets

That’s it. You can legally download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit from Microsoft.

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