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Find hilarious photos of the Comedy Pet Awards 2022 finalists

Find hilarious photos of the Comedy Pet Awards 2022 finalists

The Comedy Pet Photo AwardsA competition based in London, but open to amateur photographers from around the world, was launched on Thursday 21 July Finalists for the 2022 edition. This happy contest was created “Celebrate the positive role pets play in our lives“, featuring all manner of animals (horses, rabbits, llamas, ducks, etc.) immortalized by their human friends in funny and often adorable poses.

The 30 finalists for the Comedy Pet Photography Awards were selected from hundreds of photos submitted to the competition from 70 different countries. Judges must now nominate their favourites, who will receive various prizes (including 6 different categories, one dedicated to cats and one dedicated to dogs), but the public He has been invited to vote for the first time, through August 22. Winners will be notified on September 13, 2022.

The competition, which bans photos of animals wearing costumes or headgear, is sponsored by an English pet insurance company (Animal Friends Insurance), which will distribute £30,000 (approx. €35,000) to animal charities on this occasion, as well as £5,000 (€5,850) to the main winner’s charity of their choice. You can donate.

Here’s our small personal selection with original titles (Here are all the final photos) and you, which is your favorite?

"Nilo's love for water" (Nilo's Love of Water) by José Bayón (Spain). "Nilo is a 10 month old foster dog.  He survived being hit by a car.  Now out of the woods, he finds water for the first time.  His pirouettes show his passion for water.  A thunderbolt."(Jose Bayon - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

"Purrr-etty Pleeeeaase!" By Sarah Fiona Helme (UK). "Rosie was helping me in the greenhouse and decided in a very determined way to persuade me to give her some of her favorite treats - and as a humble, reluctant cat servant, I did!" (Sarah Fiona Helm - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

"Dog driver" Mehmet Azlan (Turkey). "The scene I saw at the red light.  I even thought the dog was driving at first!" (Mehmed Aslan - Comedy Pets Photograph Awards)

"OMG what is that?" (Oh My God, What's This?) Beth Noble (UK). "CK shows his surprise on his face".  (Beth Noble - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

"Smoking Alpaca" (Smoking Alpaca) Stefan Brusius (Germany). "He looks like he's smoking a cigar".  (Stephen Brusius - Comedy Pet Photo Awards)

"Mine, not yours!" (Mine, not yours!) by Lucy Sellers-Duvall (UK). "During this photo shoot, Benjy was determined to get all the benefits, even if his older brother Doug stopped him." (Lucy Sellers-Duval - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

"Very pessimistic" (Too Desperate) by Kasutoshi Ono (Japan). "This is my adorable cat who was rescued by a local cat care center.  It is a door that opens onto a corridor.  Sometimes she jumps and hangs on it because she wants to get out more." (Kasutoshi Ono - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

"Remember Mutili" By Bernard Sim (Japan). "Popcorn is a very shy dog ​​and stays away from the lens.  I had to shoot a lot to get some usable footage including the blooper." (Bernard Sim - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

"Now, how do I upload my images?" By Kenichi Morinaga (Japan). "I have a smartphone and want to upload my photos.  Can someone show me how this works?".  (KENICHI MORINAGA - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

"Revenge of the tennis ball" (The Revenge of the Tennis Ball) Christopher Johnson (UK). "The star is playing in the snow and is surprised to find a tennis ball." (Christopher Johnson - Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

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