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FritzBox Update: The latest version with many new features is available for other routers

FritzBox Update: The latest version with many new features is available for other routers

Many FritzBox routers are already loaded FritzOS 7.28 Done. Some FritzBox owners may now expect FritzOS 7.29.

After several devices have already been fitted with FritzOS 7.28 over the past few weeks, a total of four devices are now being upgraded to 7.29. In addition to the FritzBox 3490, these are the FritzBox 6591 Cable, FritzBox 7530 and FritzBox 6660 cable routers.

  • FritzBox 3490
  • FritzBox 6591 Cable
  • FritzBox 7530
  • FritzBox 6660 cable (All FritzOS 7.29)
  • FritzBox 7490
  • FritzBox 6590 cable
  • FritzBox 6490 cable
  • FritzBox 7580
  • FritzBox 7560
  • FritzBox 7590
  • FritzBox 7590 AX
  • FritzBox 6820 LTE v1 / v2 / v3
  • FritzBox 5491
  • FritzBox 5490
  • FritzBox 7430
  • FritzBox 7583
  • FritzBox 7583 VDSL
  • FritzBox 4040
  • FritzBox 6850
  • FritzBox 6890 LTE
  • FritzBox 7520 (All FritzOS 7.28)

In addition, AVM recently released the latest lab update for FritzOS for FritzBox 5530 Fiber with version number 07.27-90518. Above all, it brings improvements in the use of fiber optic connectivity, for example, detection of inserted SFP modules, performance improvements for some GPON galaxies, and compatibility with OLT management systems.

According to AVM, users can expect a total of six new features that will be especially useful in the home office.

Additionally, with the new update, as always, a lot of security functions are improved and bugs are fixed, which is why AVM advises users Install the updateIf the automatic update function is disabled.

For example, with FritzOS 7.28, the most recently discovered device among the listed devices FragAttack vulnerability Closed.

When asked by CHIP, AVM has not yet revealed whether older FritzOS versions also close this security gap.

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We present to you the new features in the following section.