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Not everyone knows that Wii U can burn eShop games to DVD

Not everyone knows that Wii U can burn eShop games to DVD

YouTube user showed how Burning games Using eShop on DVD Wee u. The process to follow is quick and easy and is recommended for gamers as a perfect alternative to purchasing external memory to store games.

The console has been around for some time and not everyone who owns it has fully explored it Hidden features On stage. An example is how eShop games can be burned directly to a physical disk to free up console storage space.

To do this, use a DVD-RAM media (disk that allows you to save files in any format) and a burning drive that is compatible with Wii U and connected via USB. This way, the console can interact with the DVD-RAM and format it and download games that have already been purchased in digital format on eShop. It is important to remember that the external DVD player will still play when the transfer is complete. In fact, the site cannot read non-physical copies of the original. However, the advantage is that you can run any eShop header without occupying internal memory.

The whole process is explained In a video Of the YouTube channel “Does it work?”, Which deals with the interconnection of new and old generation devices. Fortunately, there are many users who are interested in the Internet, and they are always giving life to new projects, for example The achievement of a fan See TENET at Game Boy Advance.