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Among Us

Us: Nintendo Switchboard – Details on ntower’s Rapid Development Process Revealed

That was a year ago Within us On top of that Nintendo Switch Published. The title marked the end of the Indy World presentation and appeared at the end of its broadcast Nintendo eShop (We were informed) Has now revealed that it was not implemented in any way under normal circumstances Gwen Foster, In turn responsible for business development and production Robot Teddy, During the big festival this year.

Among other things, Robot Teddy helped InnerSlot find a suitable studio for that console version of the indie hit. For this one finally moved on PlayEveryWare Attitude. Spieleschmiede is characterized by a healthy relationship with Nintendo and experience in handling ports. However, the actual development process did not begin until October 2020 – and was implemented accordingly Within six weeks Completion.

The reason for this was that advertising from the Nintendo side actively stirred the drums to leave the stage for the game during the Indie World presentation mentioned earlier. After lengthy discussions between Innersloth, Robot Teddy and PlayEveryWare, plans were drawn up in conjunction with Nintendo. Among other things, preferences such as support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, touchscreen, cross-platform games, or language support are defined. Additional content and bonuses were initially ignored and should be added later. Amal Az Nintendo has been a regular feature in the ESH rankings since it was released last December.

Have you noticed the rapid growth time of the port?