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No Vox defeated the opposition and killed Bonaldo Damiano

No Vox defeated the opposition and killed Bonaldo Damiano

About a hundred people at Monico Davis Bonaldo in Angora Italy yesterday afternoon walked away from Damiano, the pro-wax after Kovit.


Five thousand distant memory marched on Treviso at the end of October. Yesterday, thanks to a dark day, the No Vox protest in Treviso gathered more than a hundred protesters and was restricted to the parking lot of Monico Stadium after a ban on marches in the city center, thus disrupting the activities of merchants. Citizens opposed the protests. So, starting at 2pm, a few dozen people, among others, listened to the intervention of Davis Bonaldo of Angora Italy, who spoke again from the platform about “misinformation and manipulated data” about the health emergency.

The gap between two former teammates, Bonaldo and former mayoral candidate Lorenzo Damiano, was also recorded yesterday on the Konegliano management list in the “Nuremberg 2” group. Damiano, after experiencing a bad time due to covit (hospitalization in sub-intensive care), radically changed his mind about vaccines and appealed to people to trust science from the hospital bed and therefore get vaccinated.

A turning point that did not go to Bonaldo: “We have officially distanced ourselves from this. We have nothing to do with what he has to say at this time. We continue to do what we did and said last year. Half”. That is, as reiterated yesterday, we are in a “dictatorship” and the emergency numbers that have changed dramatically in recent weeks are only the invention of “someone”. –

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