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Campaign on Steam Wins Top 10 Worldwide Top 10 -

Campaign on Steam Wins Top 10 Worldwide Top 10 –

The halo is infinite Has reached orgasm, viz The first level, In the top 10 globally Steam, After the release of game reviews. Considering that it will be officially available from 8 December 2021, in two days at the time of writing this news, 343 Industries is the first major result of the game, which is still a long way off to declare success. Business case.

Hollow Infinite ranks first on steam

Another interesting feature of the rankings for the Microsoft world is the presence of Forza Horizon 5 in seventh place, which is a sign that the playing field racing game has the longest tail, which has been around for almost a month. Also notable is Age of Empires IV, which is available from the end of October 2021. In short, despite all the above games being available on the Xbox GamePass PC, many PC players have not given up buying them. .

For the rest, we point out that the ninth-ranked Interest Wardles and Battlefield 2042 rankings, which, despite many negative comments, are still not out of the top 10. Eighth Introduction to Shadow Tricks: Shogun – Igo’s Choice, a Complete Expansion of Shadow Tricks.

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