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Les nouvelles Applications: Expansion, Expansion, Priority Star

Here are 3 messages Apps including our iPhone and iPad have now been released Expand and expand the priority star.

In order to provide you with the best app releases from the App Store, the selection of the week was made by our team. Make a good discovery and tell us what new processor you have taken!

Icon Processor iPad iPhone iPod ExtensionExpand (App, iPhone / iPad, v8.5.25.1, 92 Mo, iOS 11.0)

Are you tired of managing your expenses? Don’t look any further!
With Expensify, take a picture of your invoice and we do the rest: extract invoice data, time and mileage and generate reports using SmartScan. Simplify your life with an expansion card – pay with card and voila, no need to keep your receipts!

Have you lost your receipt? No problem! Expensify lets you import your credit card transactions and automatically generates eReceipt for all purchases under $ 75!

Download the free app Expand

Capture Processor iPad iPhone iPod Extension

Meditation Icon Processor Expand Beyond the iPhoneExpand: Beyond meditation (App, iPhone, v1.0.3, 31 Mo, iOS 12.0, Monroe Company)

Access to deeper levels of expanded consciousness, usually achieved after many years of hard work, can reduce stress, improve sleep, release unwanted patterns, and enhance greater purpose and purpose. The guided meditations of the expansion utilize Monroe Sound Science, our proprietary audio technology that uses targeted sound wave patterns to facilitate unique emotional states. By using expansion, you can access the deeper wisdom and happiness embedded in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Download the free app Expand: Beyond meditation

Expand the meditation capture app beyond the iPhone to the iPad

Preferably the star icon application iPad iPhone iPadPriority star (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.2, 41 Mo, iOS 13.0, Actowise LLC)

Priority star is a to-do list application that emphasizes priority.

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Is there always a lot to do? Priority Star is here to help by making it easier to prioritize what is important.

– Tasks are automatically categorized by priority.
– You can change this order by simply dragging.
– You can organize lists by groups and customize them with emojis.

Download Priority star For 5.49

Preferred star capture application ipa iphone ipad