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Jeu Ghostrunner sur Nintendo Switch - DLC Metal Ox

Ghostranner Update Metal Ax DLC with Kill Run and Photo Systems

Try Le Die & Intransigent again Gostrunner, Released late last year Nintendo Switch, post-release tracking with two game modes and premium DLC.

Tile, kill, start again

One More Level and Slipgate Ironworks Cyberbank Slasher is updating this 04/13/2021 to its Kilron mode, which will push us to our limits. To cope with this new challenge, you will have to fight against the timer to reach the end of the levels. Killing enemies allows you to accumulate precious seconds, as well as have unparalleled ability between sections of platforms.

Photo mode is also introduced and offers the opportunity to erase our most beautiful actions. We can adjust the view, crop and play with the parameters of the image to get the best shots. The developers even announce that they can capture the view of the enemy.


The Metal Ax Pack adds four new cutouts and 4 new gloves to our runner’s equipment. These new objects pay homage to the principles and virtues of Confucius, namely goodness, justice, fairness and fairness.

Meeting Nintendo Switch EShop Download or test Gostrunner Demo. The physics version of the game will arrive on June 25th, and will include all additional content already released.

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