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A leak reveals discarded games for the We ~ Pokemon Millennium

A leak reveals discarded games for the We ~ Pokemon Millennium

Give one Leakage Of internal documents a Nintendo Titles Games And projects Wee They were discarded in the first months of the console’s life. If games on the one hand have not been very successful, on the other hand there are games The most popular sagas. Among the rejected titles of the famous sagas we find: the title of saga Metroid The second episode of Saga above all else Dance Stage: Mario Mix.

Below is a complete list of rejected topics and projects:

  • A title Tennis For Wii it is often integrated into Wii games
  • Project HAMMER, A fighting game intended for sale in North America
  • Sphere, A game similar to metal gear
  • A title Metroid It was supposed to be released after the Metro Prime
  • Titled title Shake of Zelda: Occurina of the time produced by Retro Studios
  • A game Imagination strategy
  • A title Sword fight Created by Y’sK
  • A game Corsa With pop art style graphics
  • Dance Stage: Mario Mix 2 Made by Konami

Some of the Wii games revealed by the leak are very interesting, so it is a big shame that for some reason they were not created and released.

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