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Nintendo Switch Pro: A custom list

Nintendo plans new switch hardware for the next fiscal year. It Lots of rumors So far the situation is not entirely clear.

A new Nintendo Switch is available for Nintendo’s next fiscal year (April 2021 to March 2022). We can see two new consoles. So far, however, the situation here is still somewhat opaque.


What we do know: The new hardware is scheduled for the end of 2021 and will be a switch with a 7-inch OLED display. Is it a “pro model”? It’s not clear, we’ll see something like a new Nintendo Switch, and by 2022 even better Nintendo Switch (Pro) will follow.

Video: Is Nintendo Switch Pro Coming?

Nintendo Switch Pro: What I believe

Since the epidemic, I have been playing again and again, especially since I keep contacts to a minimum and love to read the whole weekend as my girlfriend is currently in the final stages of her studies.

I’ve played a lot with the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X over the last few months, and have seen the latest switch games like the new Bowser’s Fury or Hirol Warriors: Time of Destination. I know hardware is not a priority for Nintendo, but you can say it The switch is four years old.

Nintendo Switch Title New

The Tegra X1 is no longer the best SoC with a 20nm process in 2017 and I don’t need to call the Tegra X1 + updated switch 2021 updated. It doesn’t have to be the current 5nm chip from a DSMC used by Apple, but more power would still be nice.

Plus, you’ll definitely notice it when you have more (and upgraded) RAM and faster memory and gaming. It does not have to be the same level as a PS5 or PS4 Pro, but the switch is popular and now gets it Well known third party gamesWill usually be worse.

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Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Title

I want a bigger and, above all, better view, but We can get it. Not all OLEDs are the same, not even with the panels coming from Samsung, but I am still confident that Nintendo will not buy the bad panel. I don’t care about 720p.

Sure, 1080p would be nice too, but it costs a good OLED panel with more battery and 720p (no pendulum, please) would be enough for me.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D World Title

I have heard and read a lot about the 4K upgrade with DLSS from Nvidia over the last few weeks, especially since version 2.0 is much better than the advanced technology. Actually, I’m not an advanced fan, but if it’s firm and you do not see a big difference to own 4K resolution, you are welcome.

If Nvidia builds an ARM chip for the switch it will be fun, with 4K upgrades, offering a similarly better image and better performance than the PS5 and Cov. In any case, own 4K with hardware is not possible.

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I am satisfied with the battery life in mobile mode and it can be as it is. Speakers are ok too, but I have an old preference: give us the option for normal Bluetooth headphones. I know it will also affect battery life, but I won’t worry about that here.

Nintendo Switch Pro: I’m ready

I honestly wouldn’t change the concept of the Nintendo Switch because I like it to this day. An updated processor (they are no longer expensive), a solid OLED display with fewer bezels (no longer expensive) and for me, 4K upgrade, that would be enough for me.

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Additionally, 32GB is so small that it can create more internal memory. I could well imagine the 64GB version for 349 euros and the 128GB version for 399 euros. You are also welcome to launch Joy Con 2 at the same time which will eliminate the glide problem.

Nintendo Switch Detail

With the Nintendo Switch Lite being a portable, basic model for the current switch masses and the new Pro version, it is my opinion that it will still be a good switch line for another 3-4 years.

This is in line with Nintendo’s old DS strategy, so the new Nintendo Switch can also be called the new Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch XL. This time “Pro” is often used in addition to rumors because Nintendo has introduced a lite version, but somehow it does not apply to Nintendo.

However, I will be ready for the new Nintendo Switch with more power and 4K hike and the new Zelda in the winter, where you can enjoy the best OLED panel while traveling. Truth be told, this is just a wishlist, but looking at the rumors, it is not so absurd.

Nintendo Switch: Looks like radiation tracking on the old Zelda 8K

Nintendo Switch Lite Zelda title

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