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Curfew Order, Limited Areas: Find Simplified Certificates

Curfew Order, Limited Areas: Find Simplified Certificates

After the mess, it’s time to simplify!

Control measures came into effect on Saturday and in 16 sectors for at least four weeks (eight in Ile-de-France, five in the Hots-de-France, Sean-Maritime, Eure and Alps-Maritime).

This represents 21 million people, including 12 million from the Paris region.

Major changes include the closure of new businesses and the ban on walking more than 10 km from home for daytime walking or playing.

For this, it is no longer necessary to have a certificate. One that was originally planned was removed on Saturday after its release because its bureaucratic complexity received many ridicule. The first edition actually had two pages, and there were 15 reasons to leave.

You can travel around your department to do your shopping. These measures are being tightened with curfew orders throughout the city, from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Simpler versions

Two new editions were put online overnight from Saturday to Sunday. These are simplified certificates.

> Allows you to travel from 7pm to 6am on the first night, which is valid “over the entire national territory”. It is the same as before, but the curfew order time has changed. You can download it by clicking Here.

> There is a second certificate, which is valid for restricted fields during the day. It regulates trips “over 10 km”. For good reason, “
Within a radius of 10 km around the place of residence, related trips can be made without certification that an address certificate can be issued
Describes the document.

So there is a difference between traveling within 10 kilometers of his home, traveling within the field of residence and traveling without restricting distance. You can download it by clicking Here.

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