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gratta e vinci

Find the winning ticket from the deceased grandfather but …

A player finds his dead grandfather’s scratch card, first happy and then bitter: disappointment at the moment of collection

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There are many stories they have told about the winners in recent weeks Scratch hit Who was able to pick up home achievement prizes. The coupon of luck seems to really enjoy a magical period Awards Players across Italy gather with some regulation. This confirms the interest that Italians in general have on the game.

However, in the last few hours, news spread on the internet has come and cheered everyone on. In fact, we are talking about a man who invented a winning ticket belonging to his grandfather Is 4 years dead. Discovery during a move, an invention that filled the whole family with joy.

In fact it is the most important success, the most satisfying. A robbery that is very convenient for the lucky heir of the deceased who showed up big Satisfaction Can collect a considerable amount.

Scratch and hit, disappointment at collection time

Scratch hit
Scratch hit

During the collection of Scratch and Vin, a cold rain came to the heir of the deceased who died 4 years ago. In fact, the ticket was not paid due to a detail he did not consider. Probably not many people know. In fact, too much time has passed for the collection “Expiration Date” Of Definitely cut now.

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Great disappointment to man Reggio Calabria, Until a few minutes before going to the bookstore where his grandfather was a regular customer, he was sure he could collect the amount. A thousand euro. A robbery that was only in the dreams of the heir who could not accept the status of things.

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Appearance highlighting detail unknown to all players. In fact, wins are related to draw matches and scratch tickets, expiration date and a Time limit For collection.