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Nintendo Switch: Parts You Should Buy

Nintendo Switch: Parts You Should Buy

Nintendo Switch

You are not just buying a Nintendo Switch, you are buying some accessories. We recommend these controllers, Joy-con alternatives and security pictures.

We recommend various accessories for the Nintendo Switch. (Source: Netsweld)

If you buy a Nintendo Switch, you should have some more accessories to make your daily life with the console easier and more fun.

Here we have put together a tool that our editors can use and recommend.

Let’s start with the controllers, because the most fun in multiplayer is when friends visit. To maximize the fun of the game, we urgently recommend purchasing the right controller. If it wants to be wireless, the official Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a good choice. It is easy to use and strong, but costs 55 to 60 euros.

If the “wireless” feature is not so important to you, you can save a lot of money and buy a HoriPad. It also offers a better D-Pad than Nintendo’s Joy-Khan.

Better buttons than Joy-Khan

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If you often switch the switch to portable mode, we can also recommend the Joy-Con replacement Hori Split Pad Pro. The hardware is larger than the Joy-Con, feels more gripping, has larger buttons and, as you know from many gamers, has a stuttering layout of analog sticks.

We find it much more enjoyable to play this in portable mode than the somewhat squat Joy-Khan. However, keep in mind that the Hori Split Pad Pro must always be connected directly to the console to function. One-handed use is not possible for motion control games.

Here you will get the new switch OLED
Hardware upgrade 2021

The Nintendo Switch with OLED screen is listed by many retailers, but prices vary a lot. We will tell you where you can get the console cheaply before Christmas.

If you choose this accessory, you should also notice that the console is very large and the normal switch pockets are very small. But there is Special pockets for the Split Pad Pro.

Bag for safe storage and transport

Also, if you often carry the console with you when you leave the house, you should think about buying a bag anyway. Carry a bag with boxes for games so they do not fly loose. You can protect the display of the console with a security image.

You should still consider buying a charging cradle for the Joy-Con, as you may not always want to charge it at the docking station.

Free Nintendo Switch Games
Save money and play anyway

There are demos for Nintendo Switch, free titles to play and free games. You can play these games for free.

The above products are just a selection. Of course you should see what you need for your needs, but maybe these tips will help you and you can save one or two euros. You can invest this money in good switch games.

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