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Nintendo Switch OLED: Test Completed

Nintendo Switch OLED: Test Completed

Launched in March 2017, La Switch, From Nintendo, is one of the most original and polymorphic consoles of recent years, the logical evolution of the Wii era, the successful version of what the Wii U really wanted to win. Again, Big had decided not to enter the race for my power, the GameCube was dropped first, and it was true.

However, while the opposite consoles mark a clear rise in power, the show’s ability to deliver in 4K confirms Nintendo’s desire to see more power delivered to its hybrid console. Some media in particular have been announcing the product for monthsune Switch 4K.

Small change, a spirit

OLED switch, which takes the concept of the original switch – unlike this Change the light in 2019, Which only made it a portable console – and retained its power. We always see a version Custom The other major internal change from the X1 chip, from Nvidia, to the controls, and rearrangement of components is to double the storage capacity. We go from 32 to 64 GB. This is not a panacea, but it will give you more time before investing in a micro SD card, which will always be the preferred solution to increase the storage capacity of your console. 2 dB.

Managing game locations is very simple, and if not perfect, a quick review of the settings will allow you to move the games you want on the map. It is also possible to copy screen shots and then export them easily to your computer.

The easiest and most obvious way to manage all of this, but not the cheapest, is to obviously take out an Nintendo Switch online subscription. This option not only allows you to access online games, but also sync your backups to the cloud, which can be useful if you switch consoles or have more than one. However, with a limit, the console will do its best to verify the credibility of your account and your rights to play during each release. It was painful for a long time. But let’s face it, this is not just for the OLED switch.

What we said above is that this switch takes the original concept, which can give you three different gaming experiences, each with excellent or very honest ergonomics, depending on whether you tolerate playing with one or the other. Joy-Khan.
These small removable controllers always take place on the edge of the screen in mobile mode and offer amazing ergonomics. Those who find the switch a bit heavy will have to deal with the extra 20 grams of this version. But overall, the modular ergonomics are still strong, with some limitations, and you can choose independent controllers if you play too much, especially in TV mode. The ergonomics of the OLED switch are even better because it benefits from two new selection features.

The bigger, the better

The new switch is experiencing two major improvements. First, we will pass quickly, which is the introduction of the crutch, which will finally allow the console to be held vertically in a fixed position – even on the knees, you do not have to move much. This novelty will be used primarily, not only by those who want to play alone or with others in coffee table mode. Players then place themselves around the console. With the first generation switch, the foot, without calling, does not allow tilt adjustment. Henceforth, an efficient hinge system allows it to be tilted slightly and placed almost vertically or almost flat. Perfect if you play more or less sluggish.

If the table Not shown above, click here.

The second and main innovation is the evolution of its screen, which justifies its name. The 6.2 inch HD (720 x 1280 pixels) LCD panel is replaced by a 7 inch HD OLED panel. This expansion of the screen is transparent and does not impose any change in the case while retaining the same common dimensions. In other words, the OLED switch is as small for a very large display area as its predecessor. Its display / size ratio has changed from 61.6% for the first switch to 76.1% for this new model. The bigger the difference in numbers, the more it is on hand.

Given the lack of evolution of the on-board SoC, it was clear that we could set aside the evolution of the panel definition. On the other hand, we may regret that Nintendo did not work to improve the brightness of its new console. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, meaning it can be used indoors indiscriminately, but it is essential to find a little shade if you occasionally hear it playing outside. In particular the OLED panel and its glass finish reflect as quickly as the LCD model.

On the other hand, OLED technology is required, and we can only appreciate the depth and variability of blacks. We will rediscover some essential topics like this Wild breath, For example. We are also pleased with such a title Metroid fear Notice the variations of its atmosphere and its lighting. The OLED screen is actually in service of the game and we hope that the screen will not be affected for a long time by the known phantom traces of this technology a few years ago.

With so many different, rich, deep colors, we will happily rediscover the color palette. Not to mention that having a big screen will obviously ensure better immersion, we win. Another point that reinforces this effect is that the speakers (always stereo) seem to have a higher trunk, balance. This is so much fun.

For those who are overweight Mario Kart With friends, the straight, 7-inch screen makes active reading easy and plays comfortably. It’s obviously not worth a big TV, but it’s clear that Switch’s second game mode is playing with Switch OLED.

Leave the dock and steam …

As we talk about integrating the Nintendo console with your TV, let’s take a look at its doc. Externally, except for the white, it is elegant and rounded. But the main thing is that there are two USB-A ports for connecting wire controllers or other components, which is always good news. Especially when we find the side hatch, it does not tilt, but comes out completely, we find that the USB-A port hidden inside is replaced by an Ethernet port.
This is not bad news for those who have a faulty Wi-Fi network, especially when it comes to admitting that the network area of ​​the switch is not always top notch in both hardware and software. Antennas sometimes find it difficult to capture the network that a competing console or portable tablet receives properly. Also, the OLED switch, although launched in 2021, runs Wi-Fi 5 compatible (802.11ac) on the WiFi side a little more conservatively. She is angry over WPA 3, which is a shame.

The new doc is compatible with older models and the new switch works very well with the old docs, very good. Thanks to this, you can always output the full HD signal at up to 60 frames per second. We told you, there is no 4K yet.

The good news is, with this OLED switch, Nintendo is running a backward compatibility card. All the Joy-Con you have accumulated during your encounters with Joy-Con Drift, as well as the controllers and other accessories.

Of course, this lagging compatibility extends to games. If you use the same account, your purchases may be re-downloaded in dematerialized form. You may also have buyers in cartridge form. Nevertheless, you must arm yourself with patience and crow. For some reason unknown to most intelligent people on this planet, Nintendo has replaced the hatch that closes the cartridge slip slot. It is very difficult to open, especially if you have short fingernails.

However, once a game is set up, you can play it quietly and take advantage of Switch’s rich and varied game library, which includes either the best Nintendo titles and adaptations from major third-party publishers or the best standalone games we’ll be back to. again and again, Dead cells In your mind.

Precisely, depending on the games you start, the OLED switch offers autonomy in the classic switch tradition, which is on the table. The most demanding topics are the OLED switch battery draining in 3 hours, lighter games, requiring less Nvidia chip, allowing the portable console to display within 6 hours. Autonomy, in the best case scenario, keep the brightness of the screen from pushing too high.

Obviously, this autonomy question only arises when playing in portable mode or in a corner of the table. Especially for the latter mode, moreover, it did not solve the problem of preventing the Nintendo Switch from recharging when left on its kickstand. If you are a fan of this method of playing, you will undoubtedly buy one of the accessories that will allow you to highlight it and solve the problem.

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