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Nintendo Switch OLED

How to configure your new console

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch OLED and have wondered how to set it up, here’s what you need to know.

That you had Nintendo Switch You Under the tree or if you’ve purchased one, it’s time to disconnect the console and set up your account information and all the game data you have. Some consoles come with enough battery to play outside the box.

Press the power button for the first time and you will get a short introductory Nintendo Switch video. Then comes the various configuration screens. First, the language test, not less than 12 exams. Then, the rest of the world – America, Europe, Asia, etc. -. Next, read Nintendo’s Terms of Service, whether or not.

Then comes the WiFi system. Unlike the Xbox Series and PS5, the Switch does not have an Ethernet port, but has a newer version of the OLED Switch Dock. This is nice compared to the original version which does not have it, gamers had to buy a USB-LAN adapter to use the wired connection.

The next screen allows you to set the time zone. Not only will you be looking at different areas, you will also have different cities in those time zones to find the one closest to you.

The first optional configuration of this OLED switch is one that asks you to connect the console to the TV. Since the switch can be inserted to play on the TV or used in portable console mode, you can test the connection between the dock and the TV. If you only play in portable mode or have no TV nearby, you can move on to the next step.

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To use Joy-Con, the next screen will ask you to go to the next screen and disconnect. At this point you can only check the original Joy-Khan connection. If you want to add more, you can do it later.

It’s time to create or authenticate your user account. This is a very important step because it will be the account where the games, savings and other data will be linked. If this is your first time using the switch, you will need to create an account. Once the primary user is logged in, other users can be added now or later.

At this point, the setup process is a bit different for those who already have the switch and the rest. If this is your first switch, it will be considered your primary device. If you want to have two consoles, it will be considered as a secondary or non-primary console as Nintendo calls it. You can change this step later if needed.

If you have two switches, you can both download the games purchased from the Nintendo eShop and start them while connected to the Internet. Digital games cannot be started unless the primary non-console is connected to the Internet. In fact, having an OLED switch in portable mode is interesting, while another, older model, has a dock attached to the TV.

Back to configuration. The screen will ask you if you want to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch, a subscription service that allows first-time switch owners to play online, save to the cloud, and play multiple retro games. It is not required, but if you want to play such games Mario Kart In line 8, it is necessary. Next is the Parental Controls screen, which allows parents to control the amount of time their children spend on the console and the games they can play. There is also Nintendo Applications Mobiles In particular, iOS and Android are dedicated to shutting down the console remotely.

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That’s it for users setting up their first console.

Existing switch owners should select “Import user data from another console”. The screen that appears prompts you for more user data. The system asks if you want to have both consoles. The process is much easier if you can answer yes to both of these questions.

You will need to connect the machine to your Nintendo account, but you will definitely need to do a system update. Switch will retrieve the latest version from the web and install it. When this is done, it will restart automatically.

After restarting, you will need to identify yourself with your Nintendo account by your email, your ID or the QR code on your smartphone. The QR code opens the browser to the Nintendo account page. This is a much simpler option than typing your credentials on a small screen keyboard. Once connected to the browser, you will receive a confirmation code, which you must enter on the switch.

If you switch from one switch to another, you will go directly to the screens for switch online and parental controls. Now, Voila. Press the Home button and start enjoying your new OLED switch.