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Yuri Keller's 20 - year - old Kadapa dispute with Nintendo has finally ended

Yuri Keller’s 20 – year – old Kadapa dispute with Nintendo has finally ended

Yuri Keller, the magician and sorcerer, has reversed his decision to prevent Nintendo from selling Pokemon cards featuring Gaddafi.

The original ban came in the early 2000s after Keller filed a lawsuit against Nintendo. Keller said he used his resemblance to Pokemon (which holds a spoon and is called “Jungler” or “Jungler” in Japan). At the time, Keller was not particularly pleased that Nintendo called him an “evil, occult Pokிmon character.” This card quickly disappeared from Nintendo’s collection and was never reissued. Since Gaddafi was part of a three-tier evolution, DCG had to go straight from Oprah to the third stage of the universe.

20 years later, Keller finally regrets his decision, tweeting that he is “truly sorry” for what he did two decades ago. In the follow-up tweet, Keller too The case of Pokemon products and products opens cracks He says it has not been opened since he took it to his lawyers as evidence. More than cards, the case is packed with figures, VHS tapes, glitter and more.

Keller, who spoke to The Camera, said he was still receiving a “huge amount of emails” from Pokemon fans, begging them to re-allow the card. As a result, he contacted Nintendo to allow it once again.

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“Bringing back my #Cadabra #Pokப்mon card is now up to #Nintendo,” Keller tweeted.

A card featuring the first generation Pokemon was in the early 2000s, so fans have been waiting a long time to get their hands on one. For now, it remains to be seen how Nintendo will respond to the message.

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