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Apex Legends Reveals New Details For Dark Depths Event • Nintendo Connect

Apex Legends Reveals New Details For Dark Depths Event • Nintendo Connect

Apex Legends: Escape PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Available on Origin and Steam on S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

EA and Respawn have the new Dark Depths event Apex Legends Provided. The event runs from January 11 to February 1, 2022, and includes a new stage map, themed cosmetics and various lightning events.

This new content awaits Legends at the “Dark Depths” event:

  • New Arena Map: Habitat – Habitat 4. One of the smallest islands in the New Antilles archipelago. The landscape of Habitat 4, eroded and carved over time, includes a large waterfall, as well as a cave and nest, which are elevated on opposite sides of the island. The new map has slide options and quick escape routes, so Legends can help them quickly when they are split or outnumbered.
  • Lightning Events – Legends can complete the challenges to receive a new unique gift and plate each week. Classic prices include apex packs, holospray, skins and more.
  • Themed Cosmetics – Players can unlock cosmetic items that transform legends from scary. Antique skins can also be purchased at Ash, Horizon, Lifeline and Fuse.
  • Dark Depth Packs – Players can protect up to 400 Apex Coins for a limited time, and open cosmetics, amulets, trackers and more. The pack guarantees the functionality of a (not double) themed dark depth event, which can also be done in the production of metals.

There are more details about the Apex Legends event “Dark Depths” In a new blog post.

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