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Nintendo Switch (OLED): Pre-order is now possible

You can now pre-order the Nintendo Switch (OLED). The console has already been sold to some retailers. We’ll tell you which technology screws Nintendo has improved, where you can still catch the new Switch version, and how much it costs.

From old to new

Giving the in-console a new look after a few years now seems like a tradition. So, for example, Sony did it PlayStation 4 With Pro and Microsoft Xbox One X. Like Nintendo on July 6th Revealed, The current console of the Japanese video game company – The Nintendo Switch – To be republished. Previously already in circulation Rumors About the upcoming “Nintendo Switch Pro”.

Equipped with a 7-inch screen, the project surface of the new model is slightly larger than the “original” switch (6.2 inches). The labeled OLED display ensures strong contrast between the displayed content and the enhanced image depth. In addition to improved battery life and higher quality speakers, the console has a wide kickstand at the rear for LAN connection and extra support outside the docking station. With the switch upgrade, Nintendo seems to be primarily focusing on the enhanced gaming experience in portable mode.

🛒 Order the Nintendo Switch (OLED) from Amazon

The Nintendo Switch (OLED) is expected to appear on October 8, 2021. Both versions (white and neon red / neon blue) are not currently available for pre-order on Amazon. You can now get the console from the electronics store chains Saturn And Media Mark Priced at 359.99 euros. It is not yet certain when to expect products for relevant distributors.