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MacOS Montessori Beta 2 is available for general testing

Many of you have downloaded the first beta of MacOS Montessori, which is an opportunity to take advantage of new features before they become available at the beginning of the school year. Today, Apple offers a new trial version with various additions, and general testers can download it now (with a Mac qualification for MacOS Montessori).

General Testers?
This is your turn!

Once the developers are available, it’s up to the general testers to take advantage of the latest beta. If Apple had chosen this process, it would have mattered Control the damage It can cause one or more instabilities. Developers serve as a kind of “filter” before it can be used by a large number of users.
Starting tonight, people who want to download MacOS Montessori Public Beta 2 can do, You need to subscribe Apple beta software program (Or connect if you have already finished recording), you can Registration An iPhone, iPod, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Be careful in one matter, there is a risk you face Errors (Sometimes important) and the resulting fall Autonomy Depending on your MacBook model.
Anything can happen with beta!

macos monterey beta title

How to install Magos Montessori in public beta?

After registering your Apple ID as a “public tester”, you Will receive New betas directly Settings Of your devices (it looks like a classic update).
If you want to install it, you can do so because you can wait for the next beta, Nothing is required. If you join the beta program, Apple can expect you to improve Errors And Ratings Via exclusive application Assessing Assistant.

If you are communicating with your Mac, be careful about one thing Strongly encouraged To install the beta, it may bring bugs, but it may also create incompatible or highly unstable professional software that you use. Going to the office for a beta story would be even more embarrassing!

What’s new in General Beta 2?

In this new beta of MacOS Montessori, Apple has made several additions to the status quo Safari, Updated to support the tab bar Tab Groups Avoid complicated brushes when multiple tabs are open.
In the MacOS Montessori Public Beta 2, you will find Spatial audio One of the promises made by Apple to improve the quality and convenience of your video conferencing is through FaceTime!
The Mode Was worn (Exclusively Mac M1) and Isolation The voice Background noise removal is also included.
Shareplay Fasttime, The Mode Pay attention And Quick tips Are in the game.

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