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Nintendo Switch Online Wi-Fi

Nintendo Switch Nintendo is working to increase the online appeal

Continuing growing service

In 2018, Nintendo He threw Nintendo Switch Online, A subscription that allows you to play online, access different topics for NES and SNES, upload your savings to the cloud and get exclusive offers. This service offers multiple membership plans, including one family, to share the subscription with your family group.

Shundaro Furugawa, The leader of the big N, decided to talk about Nintendo Switch Online In one case Meeting with stakeholders, Saying Nintendo Works to make subscriptions more enjoyable.

Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Switch online service to Nintendo Switch users in September 2018. Members can play games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons online with their friends. Additionally, they can access some games released for NES and SNES. The service had more than 26 million subscribers in September last year and is still growing steadily in conjunction with the increase in Nintendo Switch sales. At Nintendo Switch Online, it is important not only to increase the number of new members, but also to encourage members to continue using the service, so we are working to increase the appeal of the service to make the service more fun and convenient. .

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Good news for anyone expecting big changes Nintendo Switch Online, And we can not wait to find out what plans are in store for the big N. Either way Nintendo Will do The most attractive service to the public?