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Donkey Kong enters the world of Super Nintendo

Donkey Kong enters the world of Super Nintendo

It has long been rumored that there will be a Donkey Kong expansion at the Super Nintendo World Theme Park. It is not unreasonable that Nintendo is pursuing bigger plans with Donkey Kong and his monkey gang. Recently, there were rumors of a Nintendo EBD (the team behind it) Super Mario Odyssey) I’m working on a new game.

Nintendo and its development team have begun expansion work on Super Nintendo World’s Tanki Kong theme at Universal Studios in Japan. The wild environment was created by a Twitter user IbHibirobo_Disney Discovered, who has already posted some photos of the upcoming expansion in mid-July.

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More information is expected to be announced as construction progresses. Fans are currently speculating that there will be an attraction with a mining car – at least such a trip seems more than obvious, right? What do you want to see in the Tonk Kong area of ​​the theme park?

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