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Nintendo Switch: Move games, users, saved games to the new console

Nintendo Switch: Move games, users, saved games to the new console

Nintendo Switch

Do you want to buy a new Nintendo Switch and change games, saved games and users? The data can thus be transferred to newer OLED or Lite models.

We reveal how data transfer works between switch consoles. (Source: Screenshot Nintendo)

Now there are different models Nintendo Switch, About something cheap Change the light Or completely new Replace the OLED model With dense colors and various transitions.

Maybe you already have the old switch and now need to switch to the new model and change your data. Before doing this, consider some important information.

Be careful before transfer

Before transferring you need to upgrade the source software and the new target console to computer software 4.0.0 or newer and the internet connection should always be active on both devices.

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But that’s not all. On the home console, the user you want to transfer data to must be connected to a Nintendo account. On the target console, however, it is Account not connected to user Both.

Ensures that there is enough computer memory space on the target console and considers it After the transfer, the information and games that the user needs to change will disappear from the output console.

Data transfer

If you have mastered the above steps, you can start the transaction. Now follow these steps:

On the exit console

  • System settings
  • Users
  • Change user data
  • Select “Next” several times and select “Exit Console”
  • Proceed

On the target console

  • System settings
  • Users
  • Change user data
  • Select “Next” several times, then “Target Console”
  • Select “Sign In” and sign in to your Nintendo account
  • Further

On the exit console

  • Wait until the target console is approved
  • “Relocation”
  • Wait until the transaction is complete
  • Then select “Exit”

Normally the exchange should have worked by now. If you have any difficulties, check us out Problem and Solution Articles for the Nintendo Switch Then.

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