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Polizia locale

He throws construction materials in the middle of the street and rails against local agents

He unloaded building materials at Sarjana near Pianas, occupying the entire sidewalk and forcing pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk, where he lost his temper due to the arrival of agents warned by passers-by. The 48-year-old, who lives in the city, said it was appropriate to set aside part of the sidewalk in Aurelia by unloading scaffolding, nets and other construction materials, but his activity has caused concern among other road users who have warned the local police operations center.

When the patrol arrived at the scene, the person began to investigate against the agents, forcing them to evade, thus avoiding their responsibilities.

“Further patrols allowed the protagonist to calm down, but he had to respond to the facts he had made – the local explains in a note. He is currently serving a five – year sentence in prison.

“In fact, some passersby approached agents representing their will to testify about what had happened, and that person’s reaction appeared out of place and ended up being irresponsible – the exercise of the local police force is high. Freedom of use is always guaranteed to everyone. “

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