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According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will get "many more" new features

Microsoft begins release of OOBE version

From Sarah Betsold
Microsoft has launched Windows 11 for select users and systems. On board are users who are running the OOBE version of Windows 10 on their computer.

Windows 11 has officially appeared – but the update to Windows 10 does not automatically provide every user with a new operating system. The developers are releasing a gradual release at the end of the summer of 2022 so that Windows 10 users can gradually benefit from an update — unless they install it manually. Microsoft already has an OOBE version of Windows 10, a user group that distributes updates to Windows 11.

Upgrade to version 10 OOBE for Windows 10 2004 or later

OOBE describes the out-of-the-box-experience and the newly installed, beautiful version of Windows 10 on a new device. Users with such a device and active internet connection can download the KB5005716 update for Windows 10 versions 2004, 20H1, 21H1 and 21H2 (release expected in October or November 2021).

This update is only available on the Windows 10 related OOBE screen and is not listed in the update list on the official Microsoft download website. If you want to use the OOBE update, but do not use the OOBE version of Windows 10, you will need to completely reinstall Windows 10 or reset your own computer. In this case, we recommend downloading the manual update from Windows 10 or the official ISO file for Windows 11 via Microsoft’s Insider channel. In our article on Windows 11 Release we explain how to manually install Windows 11.

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That: Windows

Windows 11 Tuning: This must be done first after installation

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