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Nintendo Switch Lite outperforms Wii U in total sales -

Nintendo Switch Lite outperforms Wii U in total sales –

Nintendo released its financial results today. With the Nintendo Switch, the best N’s are the numbers that beat every previous sales record. This is a really exciting success, for example, which can be understood by comparing numbers. Switch light With Wee u. Although the portable version is not yet popular, there is a switch light Sold it Wii U in its entire life cycle in a few months. It is true that the Wii successor is one of Nintendo’s hottest failures, but the result is reversible.

Of Nintendo’s financial results, 13.53 million of the 79.87 million switches sold were part of the Nintendo Switch Lite family. However, a model designed for juniors and portable, it could not completely break the hearts of the players. Despite this, it is only 30,000 units away, which alone will be violated 13.56 million V U Its life cycle is distributed throughout the world.

Considering that the Nintendo Switch Lite still has many years to complete its cycle, the numbers are really impressive. Even Nintendo’s 21.74 million units at this point GameCube And maybe even 33 million Nintendo 64 Are close at hand.

However, overall, the Nintendo Switch has already surpassed the Nintendo 3DS and is aimed at the Game Boy Advance. While maintaining 5 million unit benefits over Nintendo Viva. Fifth-generation Nintendo consoles, in fact, “sold” 75 million units over the same period.

This is regardless of whether the switch still exists Strong winds And it could accelerate sales in the coming months. Can he beat Kambo at 118.69 million?

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