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Eldest Souls

Senior Souls: The Old Gods Are Coming To Your Nintendo Switch In The 2nd Quarter – ntower

Finally we did September Something from last year’s Action RPG Senior souls I heard it should actually be released in the fall of 2020. Now the developers of United Label and Fallen Flag Studio have spoken out and announced that the game will be out 2nd Quarter 2021 For that Nintendo Switch, Via Steam to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.


“Over the past year, we have worked hard to make senior souls as good as we can,” said Francesco Parsotti, co-founder and programmer of Fallen Flag Studio. “The response to the trailer and demo during the Steam Games Festival sparked a fire under our bums, and we’re very excited about the opportunity to bring this experience to even more gamers. We can not wait to see how Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox PC players challenge the old gods.”

The old gods are out to get revenge, which is why they get out of the endless prison and affect anyone who opposes them. Mankind’s only hope is a fighter, they will stand in the way. Of course, we all know that the gods will not give up, which is why you must prepare yourself well for battles. Embrace your fighting strategies with the respective Gods, learn how you are strong and new tricks.

Do you still have senior souls on your screen?

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