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Nintendo Introduces New Mario-Themed 7-Eleven Menu

Nintendo Introduces New Mario-Themed 7-Eleven Menu

You may remember the cover of the special “Ichiban Guji” lottery that Japanese 7-Eleven stores have been enjoying in recent days, with prizes ranging from alarm clocks to soap distributors. You may especially remember Mario’s mix roll, a special spice sandwich created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Brothers. Being hungry can be a little confusing. Nintendo has released the full menu, so let the confusion / hunger continue!

Everyone’s favorite dinosaur horse is depicted with a traditional melon, melon custard and a chrysanthemum green bread filled with whipped cream.

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Bowser’s renaming as a giant, scary monster (sometimes more like a frantic dad stealing princesses) continues with the hot fried chicken sandwich, which says “super spicy” thanks to Nintendo-coated bread. Chili sauce.

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Princess Peach, as always, is portrayed with a sweetness: a sweet and sour jelly and a cream cheese dish called “Princess Peach Dolls,” flavored with lemon, strawberry and milk, made just like her. Style and his crown.

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The beautiful glitter star is made with pineapple sauce and milk jelly – a good ballet cleaner after the bowser roller, maybe?

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Finally, fire flower curry bread is inspired by traditional Chinese baked bread, stamped with a fire flower symbol above. Its filling is a chicken curry with red tomatoes, but it is less spicy than Bowser’s chicken sandwich.

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Which food do you eat the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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