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AVM FRITZ!  FRITZ OS 7.29!  Box releases 6850 5G with bug fixes

AVM FRITZ! FRITZ OS 7.29! Box releases 6850 5G with bug fixes

FRITZ! Box manufacturer AVM today released the maintenance update for FRITZ! OS 7.29 for the FRITZ! Box 6850 5G. The update includes bug fixes, changes and improvements to mobile communications, Internet, telephone, DECT, WLAN, home network, mesh, USB and system areas, which can be found below. FRITZ! The update to OS 7.29 is available for the German, international and A / CH versions of the FRITZ! Box 6850 5G and can be installed via the user interface. Additionally, AVM recommends that all users view the Mesh overview of FRITZ! Box and see if updates are available for other products. With each new update, AVM updates security functions, so generally recommending updates for all devices. More information about this update can be found below or in the AVM.

Download -> Download FRITZ! OS 7.29 for FRITZ! Box 6850 5G

With each update, AVM improves security, so it is recommended that every user perform the update as soon as possible. The FRITZ! Box 6850 5G update for FRITZ! OS 7.29 is now available for download from the FRITZ! Box user interface and AVM. Open the FRITZ! Box user interface -> Enter in the web browser and log in -> Assistants -> Update -> Click Find a new FRITZ! OS to start the update and follow the instructions to install the new one. FRITZ! OS.

The new firmware is available for download on the following AVM website:

The update for FRITZ! OS 7.29 includes the following new features and improvements:

Cellular ->

  • Improvement: New modem software with various upgrades and improved stability.
  • Improvement: Maximum possible data performance enhancement at the bottom (now 5G max. 1.3 Gbit / s, LTE max. 1.0 Gbit / s).
  • Improvement: Possible maximum data performance increase in upstream (now 5G max. 450 MBit / s, LTE max. 211 MBit / s).
  • Improvement: More technical details about the existing mobile connection are available under the Internet / 5G information.
  • Improvement: If AMBR is missing or apparently incorrect from the network, replace the available bandwidth with the forecast value.
  • Improvement: Manual search for mobile networks yields better results.
  • Improvement: Improving the connection system.
  • Improvement: SIM hot plug is supported.
  • Fixed: With ‘automatic’ setting for mobile radio type, the configuration of mobile radio bands cannot be changed in some cases.
  • Fix: Sending SMS leads to dual entry in SMS Journal.
  • Fixed: No action was taken to send another SMS to the same recipient for entries in the SMS Journal for sent SMS.
  • Fixed: The lead ‘0’ was at the beginning of the message body in the pushmail for SMS.
  • Fixed: SMS pushmail has incorrect date and time information.
  • Fixed: In some cases, SMS messages from the modem were not sent to FRITZ! OS.
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Internet ->

  • Update: Updated Trusted Root Certification Officers.
  • Improvement: When enabling Internet access to storage media via FTP / FTPS, the approximate assigned port number is displayed.
  • Improvement: Lock pages reworked while device lock is active.
  • Fixed: Online monitor displays data rates.
  • Fixed: Fixed update links for FTP access.
  • Fixed: MyFRITZ! The internet access scene was very short.
  • Fixed: Parental controls: It is not possible to assign a home network device to a different access profile.
  • Fixed: After initial setup, the “Do not update” setting is set by default.
  • Fixed: Could not reset online counter.
  • Fixed: In some cases VPN connections are only possible after the VPN configuration file has been imported and restarted.
  • Fixed: When generating port output, an incorrect reference to an already assigned port was displayed.
  • Fixed: For FRITZ! NAS web shares, if no DynDNS service is configured, IPv6 address will be displayed instead of IPv4 address on dual layer connections (IPv4 & IPv6).
  • Fixed: Device preference not working for devices with a static IP address or bypassing FRITZ! Box’s DHCP server.
  • Fixed: In some situations WLAN devices on the home network could not be accessed via VPN.
  • Fixed: VPN connections based on third-party solutions sometimes break after a long connection time.
  • Fixed: Attach charge with standard IPv6 address without link display on overlay.

Phone ->

  • Improvement: Increased mobility when using an encrypted phone.
  • Improvement: The encrypted phone is very strong against connection losses.
  • Improvement: Increased mobility for cardDAV-based online phone books.
  • Improvement: Optimal handling of call forwarding for SIP trunks that support call forwarding during the call phase.
  • Improvement: Fax magazine expanded to include a “name / number” column and added a button to delete all entries.
  • Change: Adaptation to changed requirements for authentication at Google (Google Phonebook and Calendar).
  • Change: Necessary change for future use of the online phone book provided by Google.
  • Change: Adaptation to the changed behavior of the D-Net box when rejecting calls, for example in the context of call modules.
  • Fixed: Restricted phone access when using the phone via IPv6.
  • Fixed: Provider 1 & 1 phone numbers? Other provider? Can be changed after editing by. Do not register anymore.
  • Fixed: When syncing entries in Online Phone Books (CardDAV), all email addresses in specific galaxies were deleted.
  • Fixed: No voice transfer via Chipgate Satellite and Chipgate browser.
  • Fix: Provider Vodafone Italy does not register phone numbers with phone profile.
  • Fix: Editing Torfones sometimes misss email notification for Torfones.
  • Fixed: After importing responsive machine settings including saved messages into another FRITZ! Box model, some of the imported messages can no longer be played again.
  • Fixed: Lua error when deleting specific phone numbers.
  • OK: If there is input without a phone number, there is no display of call modules.
  • OK: Searching in the phone book is possible by name, but not by phone number.
  • Fixed: Internal fax function not set if phone book has input without phone number.
  • Fixed: Phones on FRITZ when using an encrypted phone! After the call is canceled before the caller answers, the box will sound endlessly.
  • Fixed: Three way conference using an analog phone did not work in isolated cases.
  • Fixed: Phone number for incoming calls will not be updated when editing IP phones.
  • Fixed: When using the “Telekom CompanyFlex” business phone site, phone numbers are sometimes not recorded after editing the user interface.
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DECT ->.

  • Fixed: After a long time, some functionality may not be available (eg Media Player, Update Search …).


  • Improvement: Increased stability.
  • Fixed: Vulnerabilities in handling incoming fragmented packets and integrated MPDU (A-MPDU) standard (“Frock Attack”).
  • Fixed: WPS functionality for WiFi guest access with unencrypted WiFi is not working reliably.
  • Fixed: Fixed possible issues when registering repeaters after changing WLAN encryption from “WPA2 + WPA3” to “not encrypted”.
  • Fixed: Legend at the bottom of the “WLAN Channel Assignment” graphic is not displayed as a single line (“WLAN / Wireless Channel” page).
  • Fixed: On the “WLAN / Mesh Repeater” page, inappropriate neighbor wireless networks (including those with a hidden SSID) were provided for selection.
  • Fix: Occasionally registered WLAN devices are not listed in the list of registered WLAN devices.
  • Fixed: Fixed text in WPS completion dialog.
  • Fixed: Text messages below? Organization / Events? (syslog) Edited.

Home Network ->

  • Improvement: Display of network connections optimized for large networks.
  • Improvement: Improved display of priority devices.
  • Fixed: Device details changes will be discarded if Mesh Master is not a DHCP server.
  • Fixed: Fixed an unwanted error message about the static IP when saving device details.
  • Fixed: FRITZ displayed vertically! Excessive comma in the mesh overview of products.
  • Fixed: Changing settings in device details of specific network devices generated an inappropriate error message.

Loop ->

  • Fixed: FRITZ!
  • Fixed: FRITZ! Powerline adapters that do not have a separate assigned name will be displayed in the mesh overview without the name and IP address.

USB ->

  • Fixed: Could not install Network Drive Connection (SMB) with MacOS Pixar version 11.3.
  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with MacOS 12.0 “Monterey”.
  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with some older devices (printers, scanners).
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Setup ->

  • Improvement: Optimal distribution for higher mobile data loads.
  • Improvement: Text translations for the FRITZ! Box user interface have been edited and completed.
  • Improvement: Increased stability.
  • Toggle: The last user to log in to the user interface from the home network is now saved in the browser and will be pre-selected the next time you log in.
  • Fixed: In some cases Google authentication code could not be entered in the user interface.
  • Fixed:? Number of messages in system / events? In some areas it was very low.
  • Fix: The Bush service sometimes sends in the wrong emails.

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