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Nikon NX Field: App, die mehrere Kameras synchron steuert

Nikon NX Field: Application that controls multiple cameras synchronously

Nikon Introduces NX FIELD – New Remote Shooting Control System for Experts

D டுsseldorf, June 02, 2021 – Nikon is proud to announce the NX Field, a new remote recording control system that will be released on June 17, 2021. NX Field supports leading experts in news and sports photography. With the app, photographers can connect and operate multiple Nikon digital SLR cameras, adjust their settings and automatically upload images recorded with the cameras to an FTP¹ server.

NX Field is published by NPS (Nikon Professional Services). Nikon provides support and services to professional photographers worldwide through NPS. This system is compatible with Nikon T6 and Nikon T5 digital SLR cameras. Support for glassless cameras The Nikon Z 9, Z 7II and Z 6II are planned for the future.

By integrating multiple compatible Nikon digital SLR cameras, the system can simultaneously control and trigger connected cameras with the main camera. Cameras can be networked via wired LAN or wireless LAN.

After downloading the NX Field app, many remote control cameras can be triggered by a smartphone or tablet and can perform many other tasks remotely, e.g. B. Checking live footage, changing camera settings and reviewing and uploading captured images with the camera.

The NX Field supports remote control controls over 5G³ or over the Internet, so it can be used while traveling. For example, during the Olympics in Tokyo, cameras can be operated from outside Japan.

Remote control cameras can be placed in accessible places – e.g. For example, in a car race or directly under the finish line of a stadium ceiling – the NX Field can capture important moments and fractions of a second from spectacular views and angles.

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Images recorded with the master or remote camera can be uploaded instantly and automatically to an FTP server.

Nikon will constantly update the NX Field to support leading photographers in news and sports photography.

To use NX Field, you need to install the required (paid) camera firmware and download the NX Field ⁴ app on your smart device. Additional information on installation is available from NPS Support:

1 FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”.

Wireless connections require a WT-5 or WT-6 wireless LAN adapter.

3 There are some limitations. A router that supports port sharing is required. It is recommended to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for secure communication when the cameras are remotely controlled over the Internet.

You can download the NX Field app for free from the App Store. After installing the special camera firmware, you can use the iPhone® or iPad® that installed the app. See the NPS website for more information.