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Nintendo Player | The “Caves & Cliffs Part 1” update for Minecraft is out next week

The first part of the update will finally be released on June 8 “Caves & Rocks”Per Minecraft. Let’s see what to expect from these new ones Update!

A month ago Mojang Studios Announced new, full body, update Minecraft, “Is calledCaves & Rocks“. A Update Rather ambitious, among other things, introducing Caves and mountains, Then goes Touch the machine The game world is created. Due to technical complexity and development issues, therefore, it was decided Divide into two This Update, We have a release date for the first part: June 8.

We will see in Part 1 New modules, New gangs Goats, like oxalotes and glowing squid, are fresh ore Copper ei Geoti. In the second part, unfortunately, Release date not yet announced But we know this will be it Winter. We bring it to you Announcement trailer Update explaining new features:

Update available All sites, Click Including, you have no reason not to pick up the pix again!

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