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These traces point to the much-anticipated new game

These traces point to the much-anticipated new game

Numerous traces in the park suggest that the much-anticipated new game in the Nintendo universe is in operation, and that its release could lead to the opening of a new attraction in the world of Super Nintendo.

Credits: Video Games Chronicle

The Super Nintendo World, Located in the Universal Studios Park in Japan, has not yet officially opened its doors, yet, one of its attractions is already talking about it. A few lucky visitors were able to access the park early last month. Thanks Videos From the photos taken by these visitors, the entire interior of the park has been exposed to the public. However, there is still an unsolved mystery: a large closed door inaccessible to visitors. If this door is intriguing, it is because it was inspired by the aesthetics of Donkey Kong games, even though all the other places in the park bear the image of Mario games. With the door closed for now, some believe that this year, Super Nintendo will be able to open up a whole new part of the world dedicated to the Donkey universe, or at least a new attraction, as Nintendo is waiting to release a new Donkey Kong game. In fact, it would be the same principle as in a video game, where certain parts can only be accessed under certain conditions.

Additionally, a mobile application that allows you to navigate and navigate through the park sometimes mentions a name Super Mario Land instead «Super Nintendo World. So, some people think that the area known to the public is really only a part of a big park, which will be opened to the public later. For now, everything is reminiscent of Mario’s world. But for a park that claims to be a universe dedicated to Nintendo, the look of places that bear the image of other licenses will get its full meaning. In the same application, there are various stickers that bear the image of Donking, but they are not yet accessible to the public. We owe this discovery to the Datamines who were able to find these stickers in the application codes. In short, nothing has been confirmed about the arrival of a new Tongkong game, but it seems that Nintendo is already paving the way for this possibility.

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